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Tanker Driver Drives a tanker truck, requiring a specially endorsed class of licence, to transport bulk liquids. Registration or licensing is required.
Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages Teaches classes in English to students whose first language is a language other than English.
Teachers' Aide Assists teaching staff in preparing teaching materials and with general classroom tasks.
Technicians and Trades Workers Nec This occupation group covers Technicians and Trades Workers not elsewhere classified. Occupations include: Airborne Electronics Analyst (Air Force); Architectural Model Maker; Canoe Maker; Coffee Machine Technician; Fibre Composite Technician; Glass Blower; Hide and Skin Classer; Irrigation Designer; Kayak Maker; Milking Machine Technician; Parachute Rigger; Pearl Technician; Pyrotechnician; Ski Technician; Surfboard Maker
Telecommunications Linesworker Installs, maintains and repairs external telecommunication equipment such as aerial lines, conduits and underground cables, radio and mobile phone antennae, and limited items of terminal equipment.
Telecommunications Network Engineer Plans, designs, and monitors complex telecommunications networks and associated broadcasting equipment.
Telecommunications Network Planner Plans the development of customer access telecommunications network infrastructure.
Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist Carries out specialised design and support functions in telecommunications engineering including optimisation and performance monitoring of telecommunications networks, diagnosis and repair of faults, and the selection and installation of equipment.
Telecommunications Technician Installs, maintains and repairs telecommunications equipment and appliances, such as telephones, mobile telephones, switchboards and data transmission equipment, in homes, businesses, telephone exchanges and other network sites.
Therapy Aide Assists therapists in providing therapy programs and in the direct care of their patients in a variety of health, welfare and community settings. Registration or licensing may be required.