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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures) Inspects, dismantles and reassembles aircraft structures, and repairs and replaces components of aircraft frames. Works with both metal and carbon fibre composite materials. Registration or licensing may be required.
Ambulance Officer Provides specialised transport services and emergency health care for injured, sick, infirm and aged persons. Registration or licensing is required.
Anaesthetic Technician Prepares and maintains anaesthetic equipment for operating theatres or clinics, and assists Anaesthetists during anaesthetic procedures.
Animal Attendants and Trainers Nec This occupation group covers Animal Attendants and Trainers not elsewhere classified. Occupations include: Crutching Contractor; Muleser
Apiarist Plans, organises, controls, coordinates and operates apiaries to produce honey, queen bee pollen, beeswax and royal jelly, breed queen bees and pollinate crops.
Aquaculture Farmer Plans, organises, controls, coordinates and performs farming operations to breed and raise fish and other aquatic stock.
Aquaculture Worker Performs routine tasks in breeding and raising fish and other aquatic stock.
Arborist Maintains and cares for trees and shrubs by lopping limbs and shaping branches, treating trees with fertilisers and insecticides, removing dead or decaying trees, and advising on general tree care.
Architect Plans and designs buildings, provides concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings, negotiates with builders and advises on the procurement of buildings. Registration or licensing is required.
Architectural Draftsperson Completes Architects' concepts by preparing drawings and plans, and liaising with builders and contractors.